"Lessons with Rob are an absolute pleasure. His mastery of the instrument really is the tip of the iceberg; he adopts a wonderfully humanistic approach to teaching placing the individual at the centre of the learning experience; it goes above and beyond simply playing the instrument, instead the student is taken on a journey; self-development is as important as performance skills, emotional response and solid technique; these ingredients all considered, form holistically into the individual as a player of the guitar. Rob tends to the minutiae of my playing with an unbound level of joy and enthusiasm. His positivity and energy are also channelled into the music, the instrument and my journey as I progress. He draws motivation and inspiration from several sources including philosophy, art and history, and introduces these elements enthusiastically into his teaching. He uses his years of experience as a teacher and as a performer to reassure students, enabling individuals to negotiate challenges if and when they arise. He also encourages students to think and act independently and outside of the box. All of this is established with an impressive level of care and devotion." 
(Rik Wharfe)

"It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Rob has had a far-reaching impact
on my education. His teaching has encouraged me to internalise the importance of music as being at the forefront of human endeavour and helped me pursue this on a practical level by guiding me before, during and after university. His approach to music and teaching is rooted in a profound curiosity for the world, an exuberant temperament and an altruistic sense of responsibility for his students. Rob's tuition is liberating in its nature as it seeks to arrive at true understanding through explanation, rather than mere description. Students have the opportunity to develop and project themselves in an environment devoid of predetermined opinion, prejudice and dogma. Finally, Rob has developed a rigorous technical and analytical framework for students based on his own experience as a performer." 
(Michael Matthews B.Mus.(hons.) L.T.C.L., A.T.C.L. Recitalist and Performer)

"Under Rob’s tutelage, I and many other aspiring guitarists are taking steps to ascertain the highest levels of musical performance. He is a rare kind of teacher, genuinely encouraging an exploration of art and its practices, for the enrichment of life.
Through his years, Rob has developed and refined an effective and robust curriculum uniting technical and musical aspects to nurture the pupil, and aid them in fulfilling their musical potential. I should be clear in saying that Rob has the skills, knowledge and experience to bring a pupil to a national standard of musical performance, if they so desire. Rob Johns understands the nature and importance of transmitting a rich musical heritage, and is an expert teacher, whose equal I have yet to find."
(Tom Henebury B.Mus (hons.) A.T.C.L. Teacher and recitalist)

"Rob Johns is a highly experienced tutor who’s unique mind-set and exciting approach to teaching helps motivate his students to success. His love and passion for guitar shows in all areas of his lessons and combined with his willingness to understand the wider aspects of a student’s life, he is able to truly inspire and nurture world-class guitar players."
(Archie Moss)

"I had the pleasure of being taught by Rob Johns in the final year of my undergraduate degree and throughout my Mmus in Performance. In this time I received unconditional support and guidance with the development of my instrumental technique and my overall improvement as a musician. I can wholeheartedly say that Rob is a great guy and a phenomenal teacher to work with."
(Reggie Lawrence  BA in Music (Hons), Mmus)

"Having known Rob as a friend and a tutor for the last five years I can truly say he is an extremely inspiring man. He has never failed to provide the highest level of tuition in classical guitar. He is a fun-loving soul who creates a learning environment full of enthusiasm and excitement. As well as this, he has by far the most critical ear a performer can have;  he will never let a mistaken rhythm slip, or a wrong note stay in place. I find the combination of his buzzing personality andcritical mind creates the perfect balance for achieving the highest standard of playing. 
As a performer, he demonstrates great respect and understanding of the music, as well as being able to hold the attention of any audience. I would strongly suggest going to see him in concert.
His passion for music and inspiring words will stay with me for the rest of my life."
(Will Crawford - Birmingham Conservatoire undergraduate)